Development update — What happened on couchsurvey in June 2020?

Development update — What happened on couchsurvey in June 2020?

couchsurvey is designed to be the most intuitive platform out there for surveys. We want to create a platform that users love creating, sharing and analysing their surveys with. This is a long path and along the path the most important factor for us are our users.

Therefore we want to include you into every step of creating our vision. When we decide what features to develop next, we almost exclusively look at suggestions and ideas made up by our users. We ask them how they imagine the platform and try to find the perfect basis for everyone, while maintaining simplicity and great design.

We decided to share this month’s progress in a single post to improve the communication with you — our users.

We chose to show you the following three cool new features down below that we developed in May 2020.

Skip input: While we wanted to make the platform more accessible by letting participants skip input questions, sometimes the information has to be mandatory, especially in Covid-19 times.

So when you create a survey, you can choose if you want questions to be skippable or not. We still recommend to make everything skippable that is not directly needed.

Here you can see the option to allow participants to skip the question. 

Multi-language-support: We got a lot of requests for other languages. So we implemented german as a second language, which will automatically be chosen from your browser settings.

Enhanced text-slides: Text slides are important for conversation with your participants. Just giving a title and and a one-liner does not do justice to that. So we added an editor, where you can freely format text - you can even add links now.

Here you can see our "What you see is what you get editor" in action. 

All of these functions would not be possible without you guys. So we would like to thank you for the numerous feedback and suggestions. We hope that you will continue to help us in the future and we are sure that we can develop the best survey platform in this way together. If you would like to contact us send us a mail at any time to