Increase customer loyalty through feedback

It's all the more important to keep existing customers and bind them to you in the long term. Continuous customer feedback is crucial to orient your business on your customers needs and ensures long-term loyalty as well as organic growth

Increase customer loyalty through feedback

Winning new customers is becoming more and more expensive.

(Quelle: ProfitWell)

The cost of acquiring a new customer is constantly rising. Especially in the area of digital advertising, the costs of advertising on Google and in social media are rising and are currently keeping customer acquisition costs enormously high. At the same time, customer trust in companies is declining and brand loyalty is also decreasing. There is also an oversupply of manufacturers or service providers in most industries, so that customers can switch back and forth and often benefit from a switching premium.

This makes it all the more important to retain existing customers and to ensure their long-term loyalty. But how do you retain them?

Take care of your customers.

Customer loyalty is extremely important in order to grow and survive in the market in the long term. Offer your customers good support and respond individually to their needs. Ask your customers for their feedback and develop your service according to their wishes. Continuous customer feedback is crucial to align your company with the needs of your customers and ensures long-term loyalty and organic growth, because satisfied customers will tell their friends and families about their experiences with your company. You create a "we-feeling" among your customers, which gives you an enormous competitive advantage over your competitors.

Get in touch with your customers.

Feedback can be collected in email newsletters, through open feedback on your website, or through QR codes in the store, or on site receipts. The best way to get in touch with your customers depends very individually on your target group and your own business model.

Use the right tool.

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