Why customer feedback is important for your online shop

Customer feedback is the key to an interactive exchange between you and your customers.

Why customer feedback is important for your online shop
Analyse of a happiness question on voty.io

Operating an online shop is not an easy task.

Often you find yourself in a highly competitive situation because you are comparable and transparent for your customers worldwide. Day after day you have to make many decisions that determine whether and how your shop will progress in the future.

How do you make the right decisions?

In order to make an informed and data-driven decision, you need to know all the factors that influence that decision. Many facts are already available for this: Tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude and many more provide a good overview of your users’ behaviour, what they like and what they don’t like.

But many questions remain open…

For example, how do you find out how your customers would like a certain feature that you are considering implementing? Why did a customer behave the way your analytics tools tell you.

All the questions that go beyond the purely descriptive behaviour of your users remain unanswered without further inquiry.

Use the feedback of your customers!

Without questioning your customers, you have to rely on your gut feeling and in the worst case you can only watch them migrate to the competition. You will rarely get a second chance once a customer has had a bad experience. Instead, they are more likely to report it to their friends and family and thus spread their bad experience.

Customer feedback is the key to an interactive exchange between you and your customers.

For example, surveys can easily be implemented as pop-ups and thus attract the attention of your customers. Pop-ups are small windows that open automatically and usually appear in one of the corners of the users’ screen. This way they jump directly into your customer’s eye and it only takes one click from the customer to answer the question. Your customers will thus show you your weaknesses, but also your strengths.

But why should your customers do you this favour?

If you want your customers to help you improve, you have to listen to your customers and not overwhelm them with the questions they ask!

Ask one to a maximum of two questions per pop-up and use several questions in different places that make sense. Take the feedback seriously and implement it transparently and visibly for the customer. This will create a direct connection between you and your customers, which will ensure that your customers feel connected to your company and are willing to contribute to its improvement — because in the end, they are the ones who benefit from it just as much as you do as an entrepreneur.

Just try it for yourself.

A fairly new tool on the market is couchsurvey. It’s particularly characterized by its user-friendliness and its modern interface. The creation and evaluation of surveys is very easy and done in seconds. Check out the webpage, register and give it a try.